The City of Wheeling, West Virginia


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For Residents
What is the City's holiday schedule?
Will the City?s waste hauler pick up large trash items?
How do I obtain a permit to work in the City right-of-way?
How do I obtain traffic counts for the City of Wheeling?
There is a power outage in my neighborhood, who should I contact?
Who should I call to report a water main leak in my neighborhood or a change in water pressure?
Who should I call to discuss storm water issues in the City’s right-of-way?
Who should I call to discuss storm water issues on private property?
Who should I call about roadway signage and/or markings?
There is a dead/injured animal on my property, who should I call?
Who should I call to report roadway issues such as potholes, debris in the roadway, snow and ice concerns, or dead animal pick up?
Who should I call to report a traffic signal non-function or outage; traffic signal bulb outage; or pedestrian signal non-function or outage?
Will the City?s waste hauler pick up large trash items?
Who should I call to report that my waste and/or recycling was missed on my scheduled pick up day?
As an established resident, how do I replace my damaged or stolen recycling bin?
As a new resident, how do I order a recycling bin?
Where is the Public Works Department located and what are your hours?
For Visitors
Where can I find a restaurant unique to Wheeling?
Who can I contact for meeting/convention services?
Who do I contact about holding an event in Wheeling?
What events are happening in the city during my visit?
For Businesses
How do I obtain a permits for my building or my business?
How do I obtain permission for signage for my storefront?
Who do I contact about available property/location for my business?
Do I need a business license?
How do I file a complaint against a local business?
From the region’s largest trail system, to national schools of excellence, to a reorganized municipal government, the City of Wheeling offers a dynamic environment for you, your family and your business. There are many features that are unique to this area and we are proud of them! Our businesses enjoy the business climate as well with our advanced, motivated work force. The work force also enjoys being active in our various professional organizations. The area boasts year-round entertainment, leisure, sports, music, festivals, dining, shopping, and much more.

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